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Mission: Advocating for Veteran Women Economic Independence

 The Veteran Women Chamber of Commerce (VWCOC) was formed in March 2018 and was federally approved as a chamber a nonprofit in July 2018.  The organization is a full service business empowerment loft that provides a range of services from small business incubator  and event space to training entrepreneurs to evaluate their readiness for contracting, register as a contractor, navigate federal rules, and qualify through small business set-asides..   

The VWCOC advocates for veteran women economic independence by helping those who have entered or desire to enter the commercial and government contracting Market Space  as entrepreneurs.

Business Summary –   In 2015, women comprised 9.4 percent of the total Veteran population in the United States. By 2043, women are projected to make up 16.3 percent of all living Veterans. 

A total of $20.8 billion in prime government contracts were awarded to  all women-owned small businesses in 2017 alone – supporting more than 115,000 jobs.

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 The Veteran Women Chamber of Commerce located in Lanham, MD is a nonprofit corporation, formed to advocate for veteran women economic independence through entrepreneurship, workforce and community development.


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Veteran Women Chamber of Commerce

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